Cat in the... kitchen sink.

Our quite human cat seems to love getting into trouble right as baby and I fall asleep or when I'm busy nursing.  She finds a way to get to the very top of the kitchen cabinets and kick off the cereals and chips onto the floor. Or knocking over the piled high dishes in the sink.  I'm not sure if it's her way of protesting against the new member of the family or trying to entertain herself while her human servants are preoccupied, but either way she always looks quite satisfied with her accomplishments.
When we first adopted Kitty, we had just found out I was pregnant and also just gotten or first apartment together. We picked her because all the other little kitties were bullying her and she was still purring away.  I thought,  "This has got to be the most pawsitive (I'm sorry) kitty ever, and I really wanted a little more positivity around.
I'm not much of a cat person,  I prefer dogs, or so I thought.  But this goofy cat wiggled her way into my heart.  I really didn't care for her at first.  Peeing on the bed,  constant meowing,  getting into everything, just being consuming.
But I guess she sensed I was needing some extra loving during my pregnancy,  because she never failed to make me smile when she snuggled up in the crease of my neck and ever so gently kneeded me. I grew to love her annoying meow and the strange way she soaks her food in her water before she eats it.

After I had the baby, she wasn't very sure of him.  She would spaz out when he cried and even slapped him once when I was changing his diaper and he grabbed her tail. But the other morning I left Phoenix in bed so I could get some water.  When I came back,  I found her curled around him and licking his hand. I think he grew on Kitty, too.
Now she loves snuggling him when he sleeps.

Point of the story being,  at first,  we might not be so sure of the way things have changed. But if we give it some time,  we find that change is what we needed all along.  Even if it isn't what you thought you wanted. 

Try to bring a little more pawsitivity into the world 😸