Friday, May 27, 2016

Why we should stop being sorry.

Good morning!
I have had a total of 3 people tell me I have changed. And naturally I felt...destroyed. "How could I be so different? It's me, I'm not what they want or expect!" "I'm sorry."

Oh my god. I wanted to punch myself in the face, I literally felt so down on myself because these people who hadn't even been there through my hardest and best moments decided that they can tell me who I am.

And realizing that this happens SO OFTEN. Someone makes a judgement about us, and instead of seeing that they are the ones that are wrong, we judge ourselves too and end up apologizing to THEM for who we are. Society has sucked us into this ridiculous self hating cycle.

I then decided to stop apologizing for who I was. Yes yes, if I had done something wrong, obviously, I apologize and fix it best I can. But if it's just simply people being upset because I'm happier than they are, or have something exciting going on and they don't....I will not let them make me feel insignificant because they do. How petty? Really. Find your own happiness, stay the hell away from mine! Thanks.

The natural process of life, is change. We ALL must change or we never grow. I've autocorrected that word 'change' in my head to 'grown' and it's wonderful. Now when someone says I've "Grown", I smile and say thank you. And yes, sometimes in my head am saying "Sorry your life sucks so much and you actually hate yourself." What can I say? I'm human and I have bad thoughts sometimes. Usually though, I really just feel sad for them. I wish more people were happy with themselves. The Creator of the world thought enough of us that on a daily basis we are given chance after chance and choice after choice, and an entire life! And instead of using that to bring about joy, you would prefer to hurt people with your sickening words. It is truly the most cruel and hateful waste of your life.

Please see your own worth and let others be happy. It isn't hard, in fact, you'll notice such a weight lift and then it's not so hard to take a deep breath and see how much you really have been given.

Stop being a victim. Stop being so petty. Stop hurting people with your words. Be kind. Be thankful. Be encouraging. And let yourself love.