Sunday, May 22, 2016

Post up all night thoughts.

Lately, I've been trying to get my life together. Basically, working as much as I can, working out, eating right, reading more, paying bills(I know, that shouldn't have to be included, but I procrastinate so much, that I forget about the bills), making my bed in the morning, pretty much just trying to be a normal human that's not constantly falling apart.

It's nice to come home to a bed that's made and bills that have already been paid. It's even nicer knowing that I have money left over even after paying everything, which will buy me exactly 4 cans of tuna, a bunch of bananas, and a case of water, and gas for the next week. That lasts me until the next paycheck and then it starts all over again. And this is the cycle for now, until every loan is paid, and after that, instead of paying on loans, I'll save that money which will go towards traveling. 

After traveling the world and seeing everything I can possibly see and learning everything I can learn, I will start my own business....I haven't figured out what that business will be....but I'll get it figured out eventually. Figuring things is hard to do.

Amongst all my other worries, I worry about gas, like, will we just run out of it one day and just have to walk a lot? Or is it an endless supply? I don't know how that works. Like computers...have you ever looked inside of a computer? it's like watching a 3 year old try to eat...really stressful and you eventually have to walk away or you might go insane.

I wonder how many hours of our lives are spent making our beds.

I think if aliens are actually out there, they are probably just watching us and laughing there green butts off at how petty we are. When someone bothers us, we have to write a facebook post about it to let them know we are upset...we don't even know how to have conversations anymore unless we're drunk.

And there is some millionaire out there because he created a pet rock and I can't even remember to set my alarm for work. Why is it so hard to be a living person? Someone needs to create a person charger, like you put little ear plugs in and it charges your brain power and makes you think smarter. That thought was so hard to put together....this is what I mean.

One day we won't even have cars anymore, someone will think up a thing that you just climb into, like a shuttle, and it super speeds you to your destination and updates your facebook and makes an espresso shot all at once. Wait, did I just?...Brb...