Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A prisoner of the mind. Read it. It's cool.

We're all freaking out about the door being locked, but none of us are looking for the key. Idiots.

A prisoner of the mind. I don't think I will ever be able to fully express the importance of acceptance. Of others, and self.

Being a prisoner of the mind means that you are locked up in your own thoughts. You are afraid of what others might think or say, so you keep it to yourself. You're afraid of being looked down upon or judged, so you hide your flaws and secrets.

We are taught to hide who we are to fit in, to be normal. The reality is, normal has become real messed up.
Normal now is to hide, be afraid, cower, and be the one that has it all together.

When you're a prisoner of the mind, you are a slave to yourself. 

Someone once asked me why I always do things differently, they wanted to know why I can't just do things the normal way. I told them I always do what I know to be who I am and I don't question it because that would be a contradiction to the essence of who I am. If I always did the "normal" things, then I would be someone else. I don't want to be you, you don't want to be me.

I think the thing we strive for the most in life is acceptance. 

It is such a simple thing to do! Accept a person for the person they are. Why do we fight it so much?
If you don't like a person, then don't be around that person (simple, right?), but STOP TRYING TO CHANGE THEM. This is low key the dumbest thing we do.

We don't only push others to hide who they are and to be normal, but we do it the most to ourselves. We try so hard to be accepted, that we change little things about who we are to become, for lack of a better word, cool. But once we achieve this change of self, and are finally accepted, THEY AREN'T ACCEPTING YOU! They are accepting the person you decided to hide behind. And even then there are terms and conditions to that acceptance. We're all dumbassess.

If we could just free ourselves of the expectation. If we could let ourselves be who we really are. If we didn't care what anyone would say. If we were human for once...
If we can just let ourselves feel that, imagine the clarity. We would actually know each other. We might even get to understand ourselves a little better.

Don't be a slave to your mind.